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Are you looking for payday loans for disabled people, and then you are at the right place.
What are payday loans for disabled people?
Payday loans are short-term loans that can be used in situations of emergency. Payday Loans for Disability Benefits UK types of loans are typically paid back in a week to 3 months, with interest. In recent reports by scope it is shown that people with disabilities are more likely to take payday loans because due to the lack of work and higher expenses, it becomes a very tough and challenging task for them to operate day to day activities.
It is important to safeguard the rights of individuals with disabilities as they incur more expenses than normal citizens. Due to medical bills and types of equipment, their expenses are higher. It could be harder for them to earn an income due to the nature of disabilities. Some disabled people can work, and the law ensures that people with disabilities cannot be discriminated against by their employers and earn as equals to their skills.
In a situation where a disabled person needs a loans without debit card UK or short-term loan, then a lender should not refuse the disabled person if they meet the lending criteria. There should be no discrimination between disabled pr non-disabled people.
What are regular incomes?
Goverment benefits
Income from rental properties / Assets
From Investments
Can I get payday loans for disabled if I’m in benefits?
Yes, while some of the lenders don’t give the money on benefits. Our lenders lend money on different types of benefits.
We have two types of loan-
Simple Loan-
1-3 months
Loans for any purpose
No fees including early repayment fees
Flexi loans-
3-36 months
Loans for any purpose
No upfront fees or charges
What are the guidelines to be eligible for a payday loan?
UK RESIDENCE-You have to provide a valid identity to verify your address and you.
EMPLOYEMENT- You needs to earn at least £ 500 per month in a bank account.
UK BANK ACCOUNT- You needs an active UK bank account in which your salary is credited.
18 OR ABOVE- your age should be 18+.


Payday Loans For People on Benefits


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